Extended stay in other cities has become the most common thing now. We need to go for an extended stay for a business trip to close deals/projects or to open new doors of business opportunities; or we need a break for routine life and we decided to go for an extended stay in America to revitalize our self. When we go for an extended stay, the 2 most important things are accommodation and food because we are staying away from home and we have to stay healthy and safe. To help you find the best accommodation for your extended stay, we have shared the best accommodation options with brief information. You may choose the one based on your choice and comfort level.

Extended Stay Hotel

Unlike normal hotels, these hotels charge their guests on weekly rates, which are cheaper compared to per night/day rates charged by the traditional hotels. Furthermore, the extended stay hotels offer a wider range of amenities to its guests such as in room kitchen with all required essentials one need to cook, television, fridge, in-room coffee/tea maker, workstation, cupboards, classy furniture, complimentary breakfast, internet access, business center access, pool, Jacuzzi, so on and so forth. Also, the rooms offered by the extended stay hotels are wider than traditional hotel rooms that end even before getting started. The weekly hotel rooms are spacious, comfortable and furnished with quality furniture and essentials. Also, there is no exhaustive process of paperwork to get the keys of the room; the check-in process is simpler and faster. So the concern of quality and affordable living is solved. As mentioned earlier, the extended stay hotel room has an in-room kitchen so you can cook for yourself. You can have healthy home-style food and avoid eating junk food or unhealthy food. This will resolve the concern of healthy food. You can live healthy and happy in an extended stay hotel.

Rental Apartments

The second option of an accommodation for an extended stay is: Rental Apartment. You can lease an apartment from a broker or from sites like Airbnb. The rental apartment will give you feel of being at home. Also, you may cook your food by cooking at the apartment. The cost can be cheaper than the hotels in the longer term. So you can get cheap and comfortable living option for your extended stay. However, you need to keep a few things in mind before going for this option.

  1. You need to go through the paperwork, which is often exhaustive process.
  2. You need to get furniture even if you lease a furnished apartment to support your living standards.
  3. You need to get domestic help to get help in daily chores.
  4. You need to live with some restrictions set by the property owner.
  5. You will have limited amenities to use.

Traditional Hotels

Traditional hotels are also one of the available options for an extended stay. It will save you from process of daily chores and paperwork, which are unavoidable parts of a rental apartment. Also, the hospitality service will make your stay comfortable. However, the total cost will be expensive as traditional hotels charge on a daily basis, plus, it offers small confined rooms to live, which make us feel sick after two or three days. Furthermore, you will be dependent on restaurant and street food for your meal, which is not recommended while you are on an extended stay.

Final Thoughts:

You can choose any of all 3 available accommodation options for an extended stay, but, I personally recommend lodging in an extended stay hotel. The extended stay hotels offer quality living at an affordable cost and you can maintain a healthy diet as well.

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