We all live a stressful and busy life. We hardly get time even for our own self and that’s the reason going for a vacation is not a luxury, but it is a necessity for many of us. Also, going for a short vacation for 2-4 days would be exhaustive because travelling and the tight tour schedule would drench energy instead of refilling more in us! To rejuvenate ourselves, we must go for a long vacation of a week or more. In fact, going for a month long extended stay in America would revitalize our body and soul. We can skip going for these short vacations of 2-3 days once in a month or 2-3 months; instead of that we shall work for 11 months and then go for a month long extended stay vacations. Imagine you are exploring the top cities of the USA and meeting new people and doing exciting stuff. Even an imagination is so enthralling, isn’t it?

Going for a short vacation is a good idea as we get some quality time with people we love to be with, but often we get tired after the trip and we need to get back to work on the next day. These short trips often vaporize the fun as most of the time just gets passed in commuting; getting into the holiday mood from routine; arranging the things and going back. Generally, we feel even more tired after a trip than before the trip. So the idea of going for a mind freshening trip doesn’t work the way it should. Thus, plan to go for an extended stay, so you can get enough time for everything. You can explore the places well and truly enjoy your vacations.

America is one of the best tourist destinations because it has something to offer to everyone. It has world’s best beaches in Miami; best amusement parks in Disneyland, Florida; Best night life in New York, so on and so forth. Anyone can have the best time in any city of America and that’s the reason I strongly recommend for an extended stay in America. Choose the destination in one of the best cities of America, which suits your mood and taste; pack your bags and just go for it. Trust me, it will refill life in you, which will lead you for the rest of the year until you plan your next extended trip in another city of the U.S.A.

Worried about the cost? Don’t worry, you can plan an extended vacation trip in your budget. Choose an extended stay hotel for your accommodation, which offers weekly rates. This will save significant money on your stay. Moreover, you can use offered amenities such as complimentary breakfast, shuttle service, in-room kitchenette, etc. to save some more money.

Thinking how to find a good extended stay hotel in America? Use our portal to search and book the best and cost effective weekly hotels in U.S. Pick the hotel from thousands of hotels all across America.

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