The hospitality industry always stands out in serving their guests with the best experience and the extended stay hotels specialize in providing the most comfortable stay to its guest with spacious rooms and never ending list of amenities. The weekly hotels have been serving different categories of guests, including the military service members and their families. According to the Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC), in U.S. Military there are 1,127,831 active troops. The military officers and their families need to travel and stay for a longer period of time for certain reasons and most common reasons is the change of the serving area. They need to lodge themselves with family in hotels while they are waiting for the housing assignment. For this kind of extended stay required by the service members, extended stay hotels offer special suites and services that make it the perfect lodging option among all others.

The weekly hotels provide high level of guest service along with the additional discounted weekly rates for service people. Each weekly hotel has different suites to offer the service men and women who are staying there for a longer period of time with their family or troop. A majority of weekly hotels provide guaranteed booking to serve people who are serving the country, ensuring the fact they can get the comfortable living.

The extended stay hotels provide hot breakfast, regular housekeeping and a wide array of services to make stay the most comfortable of a service men and women. The exclusive allocation of meeting rooms, gym area and business center are also part of the offered services to keep the confidentiality of matters required by the military people. Furthermore, there are many weekly hotels which have specially trained staff to serve the military people.

The fully equipped in-room kitchen with all required utensils make the stay home-alike to the family members of the service people who are waiting for the housing allotment. Some extended stay hotels have children media room as well as pet care programs to take care of kids and pets of the military people. Furthermore, the hotels offer shuttle services to the family members and military men and women to commute from hotel to nearby places as and when required.

The extended stay hotels go above and beyond to cater the military service members and their family members to give them the best experience and relaxation during their stay. In fact, there are many weekly hotels which have specialized accommodation programs and affiliation to give exceptional service to the people serving the country.

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