The past few years have seen a great change in the hotel industry. There are emerging new trends and innovations. Now that we have welcomed the New Year 2018 and have come back from the vacations, it’s time to watch out for the latest hotel industry trends for this year. This year, it’s much more than high technology, posh restaurants or fancy beds in the hotels. It’s more about telling stories as well as being a part of the community. Let’s have a look at the top three hotel industry trends in 2018:

  1. Hotels have to sell an experience and not just rooms

There are a lot more other than a bed that your property has to offer. Let people know about it. This will be the trend in 2018. Hoteliers will have to sell their customers a story – an experience. They will have to present their hotels in such a way that it makes their potential customers curious and interested. It is the experience that will make the customers come to them and book the rooms.

  1. Focus on mobile first

The Millennials can’t live without their Smartphones and their travel journey is no exception to it. They use their Smartphones in every step of their journey – from doing research and booking a room to staying at the hotel and post-stay. The usage of mobile phones is reshaping the hotel industry and consumers across all demographics are using it. In the year 2018, it’s only going to increase. Consumers now want to make use of their Smartphones for conducting all the core functions with hotels such as checking in, making reservations, ordering room service, keyless entry as well as controlling hotel room functions including lighting, entertainment, communicating with the hotel staff and booking additional amenities and services. The hotels also need to give good internet or WiFi facility to delight these customers.

  1. Extended stay hotels will become more popular

The way how people used to think about travel and staying in a hotel has changed a lot. Now, most people want to stay in a local neighborhood, co-work, co-share with less formality and more freedom. This is what made the demand for extended stay hotels grow. Consumers, now, look for a lifestyle and community or social vibe that is related to the high-end brands but at a pocket-friendly price point. They look hotels that will make them feel as if they are staying at a home even when away from home. And this is exactly where extended stay hotels fit in. They offer all the convenience and efficiency that a traveler wants. The segment of extended stay or weekly hotel is moving towards further expansion – where the room revenue was near about 11 billion dollars in the past year. If hotels want to stay in the game, they will have to adapt to this new trend. This can be regarded as one of the most important hotel industry trends for 2018.

These are the major trends to look forward in 2018 by hospitality industry.

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