Staying in a hotel for a long time is tough. Most of the people start feeling homesick in the congested rooms of a traditional hotel. Thus, the first thing to do to make your extended stay comfortable is get yourself lodged in an extended stay hotel. The spacious rooms, high quality furniture and a long array of amenities will make you feel at home.

Also, this article is sharing the top 3 tips, which you can use to make your extended stay comfortable and enjoyable at an extended stay hotel.

  1. Setup your things and utilize the whole suite

While staying away for a long time, it is obvious that keeping packed bags won’t really help. Setting up closet, cupboard and things in the room will help you in settling yourself and have a sense of staying at home. Also, it will make it easier to run your day without struggling to find things.

  1. Take a trip of your extended stay hotel

Many guests often stay unaware of the amazing amenities that can revitalize them. Take a day off from your busy schedule of business or tour. Stay back at the hotel for a day and wander around. You will find some amazing recreational activities or something of your interest for sure. At least, you have a break from an ongoing schedule. Play some games or do some adventure in the indoor recreation center. Watch kids playing in the kids’ zone and have sips of champagne at poolside. Enjoy your stay!

  1. Cook your food in the hotel room

The weekly hotels have in-room kitchen and you must try your hands on cooking for yourself. Some hotels give access to the outdoor grill and some other cooking activities. Cooking food can be fun and adventures for the people who don’t cook regularly. If you know cooking it can work as healing activity and help you to stay healthy. If you don’t like cooking at all, you can use the microwave to stir food and use tea-maker and coffeemaker to make your beverages. It will keep you occupied and feel at home.

These are the top 3 things you can do while on a long stay. It will make you feel at home, even if you are living in a hotel.

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