Going for a solo trip is adventurous and fun if everything goes well. On the other hand, if things don’t go as per the expectations, it can be disaster to manage things alone in another city. Thus, it is always good to follow the best tips while traveling alone.

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One of the most important parts of any trip is lodging. The accommodation has to be comfortable and secure while you are on a solo trip. The extended stay hotels are best accommodation options for solo travelers who are on an extended stay. Read on to learn about the top 3 benefits of these long stay hotels for solo travelers.

Feel At Home

It is more likely to feel exhausted or home sick while on an extended stay and that also alone. Of course, initially, it would be great adventure being alone, but after two or three days it can be tiresome managing things alone. Staying in small hotel rooms can make you homesick. On the contrary, the spacious and luxurious suites of extended stay hotels will make you feel at home. You will enjoy staying in the hotel room and will get required relaxation. Also, the weekly hotels are safe for the guests.

 Cook Your Food

You may feel to have a taste of your regular food after some days. Also, you don’t want to stay in the queue of restaurants while you are really hungry. It has been seen the solo travelers don’t prefer to stay in the streets till late for food. The extended stay hotels provide fully equipped in-room kitchen with all required utensils. You can cook your food on your own. Anyways, you may not want to eat much some days during your extended stay and it is a good idea to save some bucks by cooking own food in such situation.

Shuttle Service

It is very convenient to get secure and reliable shuttle service while traveling alone. The weekly stay hotels provide airport shuttle to its guests. Also, there are some extended stay hotels that offer the on demand shuttle services to its guests for nearby tourist points. This would be great for you as a solo traveler as you won’t need to walk for miles to get a transport. Also, you would be safe from getting overcharged in a strange city.

There are many more benefits of the extended stay hotels for solo travelers such as friendly atmosphere, various amenities and weekly rates to make stay pocket friendly. You can choose an extended stay hotel from hundreds of options available at https://www.weeklyhotels.com for your next solo trip.

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