Travel policy and its compliance are very important for any company and it is the toughest job as well. It has been difficult to define and follow the business travel policies for a company due to many roadblocks and technological restriction but not anymore. The WeeklyHotels for Business is here to help the companies, who want to keep the travel policies streamlined and well managed. The portal is, of course, a searching and booking portal of extended stay hotels, but it also introduced some amazing features to help businesses to comply their company travel policies using this portal.

The WeeklyHotels For Business allows you to create strict travel policy rules and enforce it to your employees at the time of booking. This is to ensure the process of travel policy adherence is automated. The Business portal of Weekly Hotels allows you to set the following rules at the employee level:

  • Which days of the week an employee can stay in the weekly hotel? For an instance, if you don’t allow staying on weekends as part of your company travel policy, you can enforce that rule by adding this policy in the portal so your employees won’t be allowed to book rooms on those specific days of the week.
  • How many consecutive days an employee can book room(s) in a weekly hotel?
  • The limit of maximum number of beds an executive can book per booking.
  • The limit of maximum number of rooms an executive can book per booking.
  • Can an executive book a room with ‘smoking room’ type or not?
  • The limit of maximum number of days an executive can stay in the weekly hotel (per week/ per month/ per year/ per project).
  • The maximum allowance of weekly rate per night including taxes for an employee.
  • Is an employee having the power to book a weekly hotel room for himself only or also for other members of the company?
  • The maximum allowed budget per booking (per week/ per month/ per year/ per project).

All the above mentioned travel policy rules and a few more can be implemented using the Weekly Hotel For Business. Any company can sign up for the free business account and then create employee accounts under the main business (admin) account. Once the admin of the company creates an employee account, the admin can create and enforce these travel policies for each employee who goes for the business trips for the company.

If a company goes for a separate software development for this type of streamlined travel policy enforcement and management, it would be way too expensive. However, with the Weekly Hotels for Business, it is free to use. No extra or hidden charges at all. Now, enjoy searching extended stay hotels, book it and ensure the travel policy is adhered by the staff at its best. So what are you waiting for, sign up for a free admin account by visiting and start experiencing this positive difference!

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