You must be planning your holidays and looking for the best options to spend your Christmas vacation. There are so many places across the world, which live the true spirit of Christmas. However, if you are looking for best towns in the USA to spend your winter holidays then read on to know about the top 5 destinations of America for incredible Christmas holidays.

New York City

Without a doubt, NYC is at the top position in the list to spend the Christmas holidays. It is famous for its Christmas celebrations worldwide and you must visit it once in a lifetime during Christmas. All the lights, Christmas trees and Snow makes it enchanting. Also, there are so many things to do in the New York City which makes your Christmas vacations truly incredible in all ways.


It is reserving the second spot in the list of top 5 US destinations in the USA during Christmas vacations for obvious reasons, so many towns to visit for a perfect long stay winter holidays. Also, most of the places have mild temperature even during winters which makes Florida perfect for people who want to go away from cold. Moreover, its famous destinations such as Disneyland, attracts thousands of family travelers in holidays. Staying in one of the extended stay hotels in Orlando is also something travelers enjoy during vacations in Orlando, Florida. Along with these destinations of Florida, extended stay in Miami is worth for beach lovers who want to enjoy a different sense of Christmas in the breeze of the ocean.


It turns into a true wonderland in the holiday season. Each night live concerts in the city celebrates the fresh snow. The cozy chalets and snowy slopes evoke the sights of the holidays and attracts many tourists to spend quality Christmas holidays in Colorado. If you love skiing, then look no further for any other destination and just book a weekly hotel in Colorado to enjoy your Christmas holidays in full form.


Different cities in California give a sense of a beautiful picture for a perfect Christmas greeting card during the holiday season. Each city of California gets covered by snow and creates beautiful sceneries. The town in California such as Nevada City uses authentic gas lamps and host carolers that dress up in Victorian apparel, which gives the rare yet beautiful feeling of Christmas celebration in a traditional way. The travelers often encouraged to dress up in period attire, which is made of feathers, scarves and top hats. It gives an amazing feeling of Christmas with full joy.

Washington, D.C.

Just like other U.S. States, each town in Washington, D.C. comes alive during the Christmas holidays. You can see the decorated streets and tall Christmas trees across the town which gives a sense of celebration in every moment you spend here. Historic Georgetown is one of the best towns to be visited in Washington, D.C. during Christmas because its historic buildings, stores, galleries, etc. get decorated with Yuletide decorations which give a lively feeling in cold winter.

These are the top 5 U.S. destinations to visit during Christmas vacations for an extended stay. Enjoy each moment this holiday season and don’t forget to make your stay comfortable by accommodating yourself and your loved ones in one of the best weekly hotels in the USA. Happy Holidays!

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