Are you wondering why extended stay properties are not only becoming popular among extended travelers but also among major brands in the hospitality industry? Well, we will tell you all you need to know in this post. One of the exciting news in the serviced apartment sector today is the fact that more brands are investing in this booming industry that promises optimum comfort and flexibility than traditional hotels. Here, check out some of the reasons most brands jump to extended stay segments.

The growing demands

The increasing demands for extended stay properties have provided major brands the opportunity to not only deliver to their customers, exceptional hospitality experience personalized to their exotic taste, but has also provided brands with a unique opportunity to make more profit. Just recently, the brand new Sunset Strip Apartment which was sold to developers announced that it would become an extended stay hotel to cater for the growing demands of the hospitality industry. Giving this increasing demand, you can be sure that big brands who decide to jump at this opportunity will be looking to make a lot of profit.

Customizable comfort

One of the major reasons brands are jumping at extended stay properties is that they can be easily spruced up to meet the demands of extended stay travelers, who are looking for an apartment that provides that home away from home experience. Unlike traditional hotel suites, extended stay properties can be personalized for both extended travelers and leisure guests, who want to enjoy comfort and flexibility like never before. With extended stay properties, there are options like multi-room options, extended ergonomic work area, Spa-inspired bathrooms and a large kitchenette, all uniquely designed to make extended travelers’ stay absolutely memorable and worth it.

An opportunity to invest in the future of hospitality industry

Without mincing words, hotels are still relevant today. But then, extended stay apartments are increasingly becoming the future of the hospitality industry. This is because of the uniqueness of the sector. With sharing economy and big shots like Airbnb heavily investing in this sector, you can rest assured that serviced apartments will completely revolutionize the hospitality industry.

Interestingly, brands have seen the potentials and promising future of this sector, little wonder why they are jumping at every available opportunity to invest in this industry. Today, popular brands like Extended Stay America, Wood spring Suites, Homewood Suites, Staybridge suites and other incredible brands are looking for opportunities to expand their investment in this sector since they know that the best of this sector is yet to come.

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