Generally, business professionals, executives, labors and that sort of people are frequent travelers who need to travel from one city to another quite often due to work liabilities. Generally, this stay is not for just a day or two because they need to stay at the place until the assigned task is finished. It means staying for many days in another city, away from home. An accommodation at a weekly hotel would be the best option for such working enthusiastic due to many reasons. If you’re unaware of the benefits weekly aka extended stay hotel offers, this article will share top 5 benefits of an extended stay accommodation in a weekly hotel.

1. Pocket friendly accommodation

The weekly hotels offer weekly rates to a guest instead of charging him/ her on per night or daily basis. Generally, these rates are cheaper compared to a normal hotel room accommodation. Thus, if you will be staying for a few weeks or months in a city, then, you can save a lot of money with the extended stay accommodation in a hotel. Moreover, the weekly hotels are endowed with in room kitchenette. This will help in saving some more bucks as you can cook an instant meal or complete healthy food of your choice without much investment.

2. Spacious Rooms to Give Feeling of an Apartment

Generally, a hotel room is congested which makes it difficult to stay in there for long. On the contrary, the room available during extended stay is more spacious and have additional establishment as well. This includes a lobby, small kitchen with all required amenities to cook own food and much more. This ensures you don’t feel homesick or claustrophobic and can work for long hours in your room itself.

3. Everything available to support a working professional

The extended stay hotel gives all required amenities and equipments to its guest to support their work. This includes, but not limited to,

– High speed internet

– Free Wi-Fi support

– Access to meeting rooms

– Access to conference room

This category of hotel assures, the guest gets full environment to work hassle free and make his day productive.

4. Your pet and child will be taken care of

In the USA it happens, people travel with their pets. Also, single mom or dad need to keep their babies with them during a business trip which is going to be a few weeks or months long. The extended stay hotels offer value added service of pet care and baby care. They have special provision in their hotel where they have the professionals to take care of your babies and pets. This ensures you can work the whole day while your pet and baby is taken care by the experts.

5. Boost your energy to have a perfect start or end of the day

The weekly hotel accommodation includes the access to segments where you can get relaxed or go to boost your energy. For example, to kick start your day, you may use the hotel gym or after a long, tiring day, go and relax in the swimming pool or spa of the hotel. All these are inclusive in the offered package by the weekly hotel in the USA.

In a nutshell, a weekly hotel bestows home like feeling along with a perfect working environment where everything else is taken care of! So next time when you go for a business trip, and stay for a longer than a day or two, make sure to try the extended stay accommodation. If you’re planning next business trip, why don’t you explore our website to find available options of weekly hotels in the city you are going to!