Extended trip always comes with challenges and one of the challenges is how to pack light. This may sound like a trivial thing, but, it is actually important to pack light for an extended trip, without compromising on items which you have to carry with you. In this article, we will share top 5 tips to ensure you pack light as well as stylish for your next extended trip.

  1. Check the baggage size allowed by airlines

This is actually important to check how much luggage your airline allows to carry and trust me this is the maximum limit you should be carry with yourself. This helps in two different ways:

  1. You don’t end up paying extra for excessive luggage.
  2. You don’t exhaust yourself by pulling and dragging too much luggage.

Each airline has its own allowed luggage size so make sure to get this detail to set a limit for your own betterment.

  1. Make a checklist

According to the climate of the destination and nature of the trip, pen down the exact list of items you want to take for your trip. This will help you in process of differentiating, what is actually needed and what is not! For example, carrying one or more clothes additional than number of days you will be away is fine, but carrying all your favorite shirts will not be okay. You will realize to uncheck many items from the initial list when you re-read the same. This will remove all unnecessary baggage from your luggage.

  1. Segment Items as per use

Many travelers use this trick and it is actually very effective as well. Pair your clothes together and put it on one side of the bag; put all cosmetics in a bag and put it on another side of the bag. Apply this trick for each item as this will not only help you to have a stylish packing, but make it easier to find an item as and when you need to have it for use.

  1. Don’t carry usual or easily available items

We have a habit of carrying everything along which we can easily buy in the new city or state. For example, toiletries are often provided by the extended stay hotels or traditional hotels, you don’t need to carry it with you. Still, if you have a special taste and choice, you can always buy it from there instead of making your luggage heavier. It may sound small, not so heavy items, but these small small items significantly increase the overall weight of the baggage.

  1. Pack ahead of time

When we pack at the last minute, we often end up putting unnecessary thing in the bags as we are in hurry. It is always a good idea to stay ahead of time and pack bags at least 24-48 hours before the journey time. This will not only help in packing light, but ensure you don’t miss any important item.