Traveling during holidays with family is a real treat for families. Kids wait for Christmas holidays whole year just for the reason of going on vacations. At the same time, we can’t forget the fact that traveling during the holiday season can be stressful, especially, when you are traveling with a big family or kids. We are going to share the top 5 tips for family travelers to ensure you have a trip with all good memories this winter holidays.

Tip 1: Keep Buffer Time

You may find this tip the most unusual one, but this is very useful while traveling with family and that too during Christmas holidays. It is necessary to have enough time to explore the town completely and that can be done during an extended trip only. You can’t enjoy things in a hurry. Also, when you travel with family, the tour schedule needs to be slow-paced. It means a few places in a day as different age group members may need some rest and you can’t ignore this fact.

Tip 2: Don’t wrap gifts if you are going to take flight

You can’t forget to buy Christmas gifts for your loved ones. Of course, you may buy something in the city you are visiting, but the last minute gift buying may lead into disasters so the best idea is to buy Christmas gifts well in advance and carry it with you. However, please don’t gift wrap it if you are going to take flight because security checks often require unwrapping. Just make things simpler for all! Carry gift and gift wrapping paper with you and wrap the gift in the peace of your weekly hotel room.

Tip 3: Cook food for family on your own at least once in two days while on an extended trip

Eating out daily can be fun, but not good for health. Try to cook dinner or lunch at least once in two days for your family so they can have healthy food occasionally. Wondering, how to cook while on vacations? Simple, accommodate yourself in one of the weekly hotels with kitchenette so you can cook some food of your choice. In fact, there are a few extended stay hotels, which offer outdoor barbeque for cooking, which can be a treat for your family from the male members of the family.

Tip 4: Stay hydrated and carry some snacks

As soon as you clear security checks at the airport, get the water bottles. Even if you are not thirsty, drink some water and also make your family members drinking water and beverages time to time. It is very much important to stay hydrated while traveling, even in winter season. Also, if you are traveling with kids, you must keep some snacks with you to deal with small hungers of these small monsters and angels.

Tip 5: Keep Small First Aid Box with You

Emergency may occur any time and when you are traveling with large family during holidays, this is more likely. You should keep a small pouch of first aid kit with you to deal with small health issues such as viral flu or wounds.

These are the top 5 tips you can follow to ensure the best Christmas trip. Hey listen! Don’t miss to get booked in one of the best weekly hotels to have a comfortable stay during your trip.

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