According to the increasing trends in the travel and tourism industry, more and more people are going for extended stays. In fact, the business travelers and millennials often extended their business trip for an additional leisure time and this happened with more than half of the travelers (55% according to the statistics of hotel industry). This pattern of travelers increased demand of an accommodation that is as comfortable as their own home. The extended stay lodging got introduced to meet this need of the travelers.

Extended stay lodging is an accommodation option offered by hoteliers as well as rental apartment companies such as AirBnb to accommodate the tourists who are on an extended stay. These accommodations are more comfortable offering spacious rooms, high quality furniture, in-room kitchen, clean and hygienic toiletries and much more. These extended stay lodging ensure quick and simple check-in process as well as there are no contracts as it is in the rental apartments rented directly from a landlord. These accommodations are designed to meet needs of all different types of guests and often come with many benefits and luxuries compared to traditional lodging options.

There are two most popular extended stay lodging options available in the United States for the travelers going for an extended stay:

  1. Extended stay hotels
  2. Rental Apartments

Both of these provide all comfort and freedom of living one may get at their own home. Still, the extended stay hotels are the most popular options among both of them. Below is the list of benefits offered by these extended stay hotels over rental apartments that made it the most preferred choice of extended stay lodging:

  • More choices for selection as there are many weekly hotels all across the town
  • Additional amenities offered such as complimentary breakfast, high speed WiFi, access to pool, gym, business center, etc.
  • Shuttle services offered to/from airport and local points
  • Staff available to assist on just a one buzz
  • Housekeeping service
  • Cheap weekly rates make extended stay hotel more cost effective
  • And more

These are the top reasons that make extended stay hotels the most popular accommodation option for travelers looking for extended stay lodging. Looking for a reliable place to find the best and cheap extended stay hotels? Use to find and book the best weekly hotels in town.