The hospitality industry has been experiencing a buzz lately: all thanks to the continual growth of the extended stay industry. And today, thousands of extended stay travelers and business owners are on the lookout for accommodations that does not only guarantee their comfort but also offer them more flexibility than conventional hotels do.

In Asia, the growing demand for serviced apartments is not so surprising considering the number of people these regions attract every year. In Japan for instance, the growing demand for hotels for medium to long stay travels have seen serviced apartments been built to cater for the continued influx of foreign visitors.

Just recently,, one of the leading brands known to offer visitors with luxurious medium to long stay apartments announced that it is launching a 9-storey hotel to cater for the demands in the hospitality industry. Amazingly, this growth is not limited to Asia. It is also happening all around the globe with many brands looking to take advantage of the many opportunities in the industry.

Extended stay properties have been experiencing a boom and attracting thousands of investors and brands. So, you may be asking, why the current demand for extended stay properties? Well, this is not very difficult to see considering the several advantages the industry offers its consumers.

In terms of space, extended stay hotels provide extended stay travelers with overwhelming space not to mention other amazing stuffs like a large kitchen/kitchenette space where users can cook all their spicy and delicious meals as well as several other luxurious experiences that meet their exotic taste.

Today, brands like the extended Stay America, Residence Inn, weekly hotels for business, Woodspring Suites, Homewood Suites, home2 suites and other big brands have realized that extended stay apartment is the future of the hospitality industry. And consequently, they are increasingly looking for better opportunities to take advantage of its boom to increase their holdings in the extended stay industry.

If I may ask, who wouldn’t want to be part of the future?

As a matter of fact, even companies like Airbnb and other shared economy are not allowing this opportunity to pass them by, as they are partnering with individuals looking to make their houses available for extended stay travelers, for a home away from home experience.

Summary and Conclusion

There is no doubt about extended stay hotels becoming the new trend in the hospitality industry. With the kind of recognition this industry is attracting, it won’t be anything surprising to see popular brands take advantage of the amazing opportunities for business purposes. For more details about extended stay hotels and apartments, feel free to browse through Weekly hotels for businesses offer several distinct features for business travels including rate change alert, multiple room type booking in 1 click, employee travel policy, and business reporting expensing among several others. For your next business travel, searching and booking extended stay travel hotels through will be the best thing to do.

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