Participation in international and interstate event and exhibition has become an important part of any business and company. This extended visit to another city always have a diversified group of business people traveling together in a group for a single agenda: bring more business benefits to the company by making this trip successful. Whenever we talk about ROI for any business everything get counted, including, time spend on an activity which is part of this business trip. Here, we are talking about extended stay hotel booking transaction and time needs to be spent by a resource. Let’s see more details to understand this in a better way.

Whenever a group of business professionals from a company travel together, one obvious fact is that there must be a different hierarchy of people traveling together including c-level executive, managers, Sr. Executive, Jr. Executive, etc. Of course, there can be a different mix of professionals in a trip which is highly dependent on the travel nature and agenda. Another important fact is that each executive has a different travel budget and amenities offered. For example, Jr. Executives may need to share a room while c-level executive can stay alone in an extended stay hotel room with additional amenities such as a separate workstation, in-room kitchen, etc. In almost each hotel booking website, you can book multiple rooms of the same type in a single transaction, but there is no way to book multiple rooms with different types in a one go. You have to make one transaction per room type. Well, you need to do all the same form filling job by making multiple transactions; one for one room type. If you consider multiple transactions and time spent by a resource it is actually considerably big when there are frequent trips or when you are paying high wages to your employee spending time in this booking process. You end up losing money and making your resources tied up who can be used in other productive way!

Isn’t there any solution of this?

Well, there is! Use ‘Multiple Room Type Booking’ feature introduced by the Weekly Hotels For Business. This feature allows you to do which was not possible earlier. Now, you can book more than one type of weekly hotel rooms within a single transaction. You don’t need to waste time in doing the same thing again and again. Book as many different rooms of different types in a single transaction as you want! A feature loved by operational staff of so many companies, have you tried it or not?

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