Analysis and data management remains a significant part of any strategic travel program, and the use of business intelligence reporting tool has really made travel management reporting easier, particularly for businesses. In today’s rapidly growing business environment, Business intelligence reporting is essential for any business looking to excel. It is a simple, yet effective reporting solution that offers up to date information regarding your company’s business travels, including how much you are spending on individual or group hotel bookings, flight rates and car hire among others.

Handling group bookings for business travel involves quite a number of challenging practices. However to make group booking for business travel easier and to avoid such challenges like poor management, non-compliance and misappropriation among others, has come up with a brilliant solution to help businesses manage their travelling booking by incorporating the BI reporting feature for group bookings to its website.

Virtually everyone desires the best deal when planning to travel. Of a truth, travelling can be expensive, which is why you should opt for the most attractive deals and rates. The only way to achieve this is to have real-time information about the market state at any particular time. With our BI reporting feature, this becomes possible.

How the BI reporting feature benefits your business

The Bi reporting tool offers a high-end, detailed visual representation of your travel program’s performances by providing accurate information about how and where your travel budget is used, flight trends, travel risks affecting your business, operation capacity for various travel destinations at any time of the year, hotel bookings, price variations and also help to identify travel patterns as well as cost saving opportunities among others. This further helps to reduce the cost of your business travels, minimize travel budgets, renegotiate rates, boost compliance, improve your business’s productivity and also ensure your business travel program is more efficient.

The all-in-one reservation

While you make group bookings in just one click using our all-in-1 reservation option, the BI reporting feature will help to improve your booking processes and secure added value for your travelling business group to ensure they enjoy all through their journey while still maintaining your spending budget. Furthermore, our all-in-1 reservation option can help you book multiple room types for each member of your staff or the travelling business group irrespective of their individual differences, whether they are smokers, non-smokers or people with special needs. You will only spend few minutes on the booking, after which you come out as the smart one in the business group.

At, we understand that every business needs is unique, which is why we exclusively offer varying benefits to business travel group bookings to make the journey a flawless one. We are at all times on your side to ensure you are getting the best deal possible. For further inquiries on using our BI reporting feature for your business travel group bookings, do not hesitate to contact us through our contact page.