Many people believe that they can only stay at a weekly hotel if they are planning on being there for seven nights or longer.  However, this cannot be further from the truth.  A person might not receive as low of a rate if they do not stay for a minimum of seven days, but they will still receive all the amenities that the weekly hotel has to offer.

Here are the top 5 benefits of staying in weekly hotels for less than 7 days:

  1. Spacious rooms that feel like home

Not too many people want to spend a lot of time in a small hotel room when they are traveling for business or pleasure and this is where weekly hotels can help.  The rooms in a weekly hotel are larger than a regular hotel room, so people can actually walk around their space and sit somewhere other than their bed.  These rooms often feature a desk and chair, an additional chair, and a table and chairs for eating.  People will feel like they are inside their own home, because they can stick with their normal routines when they wake up in the morning instead of trying to get comfortable on the edge of their bed while eating breakfast and watching the news.

  1. In-room kitchens

Every weekly hotel room features an in-room kitchen, so that people can purchase food and prepare it in their room.  No one will have to worry about eating out for every meal and this will save everyone quite a bit of money too.  People should imagine being able to eat breakfast in their pajamas before heading out for the day, enjoying a nice lunch that didn’t cost a small fortune, and preparing a delicious dinner that meets all their diet requirements.  This is all possible in these weekly hotel rooms with in-room kitchens.

  1. Hotel amenities

Weekly hotels often offer more amenities than regular hotels do including swimming pools, fitness centers, business centers, and guest laundry spaces.  The fitness centers offer state of the art equipment that includes treadmills, elliptical machines, stationary bicycles, and weights.  Inside the business center, people will find computers, fax machines, copy machines, desks, comfortable chairs, and complimentary internet.

  1. Flexible hours and spaces

The hours of the weekly hotels’ amenities are often more flexible than other hotels.  It is not unusual for a business center in a weekly hotel to be open 24/7, so that people can work when it is convenient for them.  Some people work until nine or ten in the evening and then need to finish up their work back at their hotel before they go to bed.  Other people wake up really early in the morning and need a place to work until they can head into the office at seven.  Weekly hotels recognize that everyone is different and they try their best to accommodate everyone’s needs.  The fitness centers will also have hours that are convenient for everyone, especially those people who love working out at one or two in the morning.

The amenities are not the only flexible things in weekly hotels.  The hotel rooms offer enough space, so that guests can entertain in their rooms.  The in-room kitchens are perfect for preparing meals for family or friends and the additional space is fantastic for a nightcap or two.  Anyone that is in a town visiting family or friends can also use their room as a meeting place before everyone goes out for the day or as a place to say goodnight when all the day’s exploration and fun is complete.

  1. Breakfast is included

Many of the weekly hotels offer their guests a free continental breakfast every day of the week.  The food changes daily, but often includes pancakes, waffles, French toast, bacon, sausage, eggs, toast, fruit, yogurt, and pastries.  There is also a variety of juices available and coffee is usually brewing around the clock.

These are only a few of the benefits that people have when they stay at a weekly hotel for less than seven days.  There are many more subtle benefits that people will discover during their stay as well.  As soon as a person stays at a weekly hotel once, they will find that they can never stay at a regular hotel ever again, due in part to all the amazing benefits that weekly hotels offer.  This is why many people will stay at weekly hotels when they are only going to be in town for a couple of days.

So, no matter how long a person is going to be in town for business or pleasure, the best choice is always going to be a weekly hotel.  The benefits outweigh any other hotel that might be available.

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