You may love to travel, but we are sure that you do not love trekking a ton of luggage with you or paying a fortune for a hotel room.  This is what many people like yourself do each and every time they go on vacation, but there is a better way.

Extended stay hotels are the perfect option for people who love to travel and save money at the same time.  Extended stay hotels can be booked at reduced rates when you are staying for a week or longer.  Each one of these rooms has a small kitchenette, sitting area, office space, and all of the other comforts of home.  Most of these hotels also offer hot continental breakfasts, fitness centers, daily newspapers, swimming pools, and guest laundry spaces.  The guest laundry spaces are great, because you will not have to pack as many clothes, since you can do laundry at any time during the day or night.

Weekly Hotels makes it easy for you to find these rooms in your destination city and compare your options to see which one is best for you.

For example, in San Diego, California, a room at the Homewood Suites by Hilton is $175 per night, while a room at the Kona Kai Resort and Spa is $269 per night.  Each one of the hotels offer the same amenities, but the Homewood Suites is in downtown San Diego, while the Kona Kai Resort is near the beach.  Each one is amazing in its own way, but depending on where you will be going while in San Diego, one may be better than the other.

Weekly Hotels also has another amazing feature that you will love.  Once you decide on a hotel, you will be able to see a list of nearby restaurants.  This will allow you to choose where you are going to eat quickly instead of walking or driving around for hours, as you try to decide where you want to go.  Once you have made your decision, you will be able to find out where the restaurant is located and what they serve on their menu.

Extended stay hotels are wonderful for singles, couples, and families, because they all have spacious rooms and fabulous amenities.  You will feel like you are inside your own home while staying at one, which is perfect, because you will be much more relaxed at the end of your vacation.

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