Family vacations have become a necessity due to busy routine life where we don’t get quality time with our loving family. The daily errands also leave us exhausted and a family getaway from routine life bestows much needed rejuvenation. The most important thing to keep in mind is planning a family trip is not an easy feat. We need to ensure we take care of everything at possible extent to ensure it becomes a delightful experience for our loving family.

Today we, Weekly Hotels, will share the top 5 things to keep in mind and tips to follow to ensure you have a perfect family trip:

  1. Do your research

This is the most important yet ignored part. When you travel with family, you have to spare some time from daily errands and invest it in some research about different things such as tourist points, weather condition, transportation options, accommodation options, etc. You should have at least some idea of the place you’re going to visit. This ensures you don’t get clueless about many things and struggling for answers on trip while you actually should enjoy the vacation.

  1. Compare options to choose the best

You will see a lot of available options about many things while you are planning your trip. For example, for an accommodation you will see options such as a guest house, resort, extended stay hotel, normal hotel and many more. You must compare different aspects and take a decision which results in favor of the whole family than a few members.

  1. Keep a balanced and flexible schedule

While we travel this is a normal concern; either we put a lot of things to do and make the whole trip too hectic or we become so lazy to do anything, we end up sitting in the hotel room. This can make this family trip unhappy for a few members. Of course, it is a challenge to plan a balanced trip, especially, when you have people with different age groups in the family, but you can plan the tour in a way that it balances both, overenthusiastic as well as lazy members of the family.

  1. Keep a first aid kit with you

It is always a good idea to keep a small kit of first aid box. Yes, we wish all best to be happening, but we never know when we need a quick aid. This is more important if you are traveling with adolescents or kids. A small first aid kit which you can carry with you during the trip must have a place in your luggage.

  1. Plan to eat healthy

When we travel, it is a bit difficult to get healthy food as we need to eat whatever is available. Still, you can plan something to ensure your family gets healthy meal. Specifically, if you are thinking about an extended stay, this becomes a priority. You can try accommodation in an extended stay hotel as this type of hotel comes with an in-room kitchen. Thus, you can also cook healthy meal for yourself and family. The hotel room with kitchen becomes very beneficial for families who travel with kids.

These are top 5 tips which you can keep in mind to plan your next family trip.  Feel free to explore extended stay hotel options for accommodation to get the best hotel and deal by visiting

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