Extended stay hotels aka weekly hotels are one of the best accommodation options for traveler who go to stay a longer period of time in another city, state or country for any certain reason. The extended stay hotel offers the best for the money spent in terms of spacious living and making your stay so comfortable that you start feeling a home away from home. To ensure you make the most out of your stay in a weekly hotel, here are the top 5 tips to follow:

  1. Don’t carry too many things

The extended stay hotel offers almost all required essentials to their guests. You will get all required utensils to cook your food in your in-room kitchenette, toiletries, and other essentials. Also, if there is something missing, the staff will help in procuring it. So leave non-essentials behind as your weekly stay hotel has almost everything you need!

  1. Choose studio vs. separate rooms

The extended stay hotel rooms are spacious and cozy. There are two different types of suites available:

  1. Studio
  2. Separate rooms

The studio suite is a long spacious room with segmented areas. On the contrary, a suite with separate room has required partitions between rooms. Based on your choice and members accompanying you during the stay, you can choose among studio or separate rooms to ensure peaceful stay.

  1. Arrange your luggage

An extended stay hotel room is filled with high quality furniture such as closet, table, chair, workstation, wardrobe, in-room kitchenette, etc. To make your stay comfortable unpack your luggage and arrange your closet, wardrobe, table, etc. as you may arrange at your home. It will not only make you feel at home, but will also make your stay comfortable. You won’t need to struggle through each item in your suitcase to find matching socks. You can simply get it from the wardrobe drawer.

  1. Choose Amenities wisely

Different extended stay hotels offer different amenities to their guests. Some of them are common for all types of travelers such as hotel room with kitchen, shuttle service, complimentary breakfast, etc. However, a few services are specific to the nature of the trip and it may affect the overall tariff of the room. For example: access to business center is something not really of any use while you’re on vacations. Thus, it is always good to choose the amenities and pay for the required one only to ensure you make the most out of your spending over a weekly hotel.

  1. Select the best hotel or motel for an extended stay

Each planning gets failed if you don’t choose the right hotel. Here, the right hotel doesn’t mean a hotel with a big list of amenities; it means it has all required essentials such as it is near to areas you may need to visit often during your stay or it has required amenities such as WiFi or shuttle service and it fits in your budget. If it is not the hotel of your preference, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy your stay regardless of luxuries it offers. If you wonder how to find the best extended stay hotel which can meet your requirement, visit https://www.weeklyhotels.com and select the extended stay hotel of your choice from more than 40,000 available options of extended stay hotels. Use filters to find the most suitable Weekly hotels in the USA.

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