Halloween period is a time of year when ghosts and spirits haunt our imaginations and the dead are brought to life. Halloween is right around the corner and that means it’s the perfect time for pumpkins, candy and scary events. Whether you are fearless or afraid, the spooky festivities abound this time of year, and there are no shortage of cities in the U.S. that attempts to make Halloween a day to remember.

Are you ready to dive in and explore some of the best cities to celebrate Halloween? Let’s kick off this spectacular journey and travel the twisting road through top five cities to celebrate Halloween in the U.S.

Halloween Celebration in New York City
Halloween Celebration in New York City

There is a phenomenal celebration in New York City that is called the village Halloween parade. This celebration shuts down the manhattans in its urban festivities. This mile- long parade was conceived in the year 1974 and its pageant puppets are custom- made every year for this one- day long annual celebration. Greenwich Village holds a parade and street pageant every year celebrating Halloween. This event alone draws in more than 2 million spectators every year. Need we say more? Your options for celebration are limitless — it’s New York. There is never a dull moment and the nightlife is something to experience.


New Orleans City
New Orleans City

New Orleans is popular as America’s most haunted city and needless to say, the dead in New Orleans come to life during Halloween every year. Haunted tours are very popular in this American city where brave souls are brought face to face with the other side.

Here, the main Halloween celebration is held in the neighborhood of Faubourg Marigny, which is at walking distance from the holiday showcase of the French Quarter. With booze and food flowing in full force across all stations and stalls in this city, Halloween is probably the most favorable time for you to come to New Orleans.


Halloween celebration in Los angeles
Halloween celebration in Los Angeles

The largest Halloween Street Party in the world takes place in Los Angeles and it is known as the West Hollywood Carnival. In this, people come out in masses with costumes and creativities which compete against each other for accolades as well as attention.

This celebration comes to an end with the anointment of the “Queen of the Carnival”. Every year, an A- list celebrity is crowned as the local royalty during this event. People visiting this carnival march across the entire stretch of the boulevard, with more than a lot musicians playing in the background on different stages. The vibrant and trendy bars along the streets attract the participants who stop by to take part in different competitions and to grab on some Halloween treats.


las vegas halloween celebration
Las Vegas Halloween Celebration

Las Vegas is known for its larger than life way of doing everything and the same stands true for its Halloween celebrations as well. Hundreds of people descend from the fancy high- end hotels and make their way across the entire strip in order to become a part of the celebrations in the most genuine way possible.

Halloween in Vegas is absolutely free of cost and here you can come face to face with some of the most inventive as well as articulate costumes which are found anywhere else in the world during Halloween. If you want to experience the true essence of Vegas Halloween, head to the Circus, where this adventure theme park is transformed into a Fright Dome especially in the honor of Halloween festivities. There are haunted houses and insane asylums which add to the terror and horror in Vegas.



Kentucky’s Louisville Zoo takes immense pride in its annual Halloween celebration which is also popular as the largest Halloween party organized across the globe. During this time, the entire zoo is transformed into a Halloween themed hub and people of the town are invited for various activities.

With your favorite characters decked up across the entire length of the themed walkways, you can take pictures with characters from the Pirates of the Caribbean, Frozen, etc. It also provides you with a chance to trick or treat with the zoo animals as you take a round through the zoo on a train. Do not forget to watch out for the Headless Horseman, who can make the most unexpected appearances during this fun yet spooky tour.