Businesses have widened horizons to multiple cities and not only this; today’s businesses have crossed boundaries of geographical areas. Nowadays, it is common to have cross country businesses. This increases the business opportunities as well as the networking events. The business professionals need to travel between different cities and countries to meet the business need and normally this type of business tour is an extended tour in which the business representative tries to meet multiple people to explore all possible business opportunities or to finish the agenda of business project. During this type of business trips the corporate companies need to ensure the extended stay of the business representative is comfortable so he can give 100% energy to the desired work as well as the accommodation needs to be cost effective so the ROI (Returns over Investment) stays higher. The extended stay hotels are one of the best accommodation options for corporate and business professional in all ways. Let’s unveil top 3 key benefits of extended stay hotels for more insight:

  1. An accommodation with all required business essentials

A representative of the company on a business trip needs to work extra hours. He needs to work in the premises of a client / prospect / vendor as well as at the place of accommodation. The extended stay hotels understand this business need and that’s why offer a range of facilities to support this business need of their corporate guests. Below is the list of a few amenities offered by different weekly hotels to corporate:

  • In room workstation
  • In room high internet and WiFi connection
  • Access to conference room
  • Access to meeting room
  • Access to business center, which is equipped with fax machine, printer, etc.
  • And more
  1. Accommodation to make stay comfortable

Man at work must get enough amenities to get relaxed so he can keep himself charged to give his 100% to work requirements. The weekly hotels understand this basic need of corporate and that’s why offer all required amenities to ensure a comfortable and cozy accommodation to their corporate guests. Below is the list of a few amenities offered by different extended stay hotels to corporate:

  • Spacious rooms
  • Complimentary breakfast
  • In room tea/coffee
  • Access to indoor/ outdoor pool
  • Access to Jacuzzi
  • Access to game room
  • LED TV
  • And more 
  1. Cost effective rates and other money saving opportunities

The weekly hotels aka extended stay hotels offer weekly rates instead of daily or per night rates,            which is less than the cumulative rate of a traditional hotel accommodation. Also, there are some weekly hotels which provide additional discount on group booking or corporate bookings, this can work as an icing on the cake to get the best rates. Furthermore, this category of hotels has in room kitchenette so the business professionals can cook their own food to save some more money during their stay.

These are the top 3 benefits of extended stay hotels for corporate travelers who stay for an extended time. You can search and book extended stay hotels in America by exploring our weekly hotels search engine which has 40000+ extended stay hotels.

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