High temperatures and high spirits. Summer is a time of relaxation and adventure. If your company, school, or primary responsibility allows for some down time, consider spending a vacation getting to thoroughly enjoy a new place. Instead of trying to bounce from destination to destination, an extended stay in one location may be just the getaway you need. This way, you can experience something new while based in one beautiful place.

Across the US, there is an array of towns and cities that let you adventure, dine, learn, and relax, all without having to stress. These three gems have no shortage of things to do and see while you’re enjoying your trip. Some of these destinations are small, while others are not. The common ground they share is that they are all celebrated for being a good time.

Starting from the West Coast, here are some destinations that have been proven effective at being ideal summer destinations.

Weekly Hotels presents these tried and true locations.

                                                            Santa Barbara, CA

With its pristine waters and its ideal central location, SB isn’t too far from the hustle and bustle of LA or San Francisco. Santa Barbara is ideal for a one or two week vacation because there is just enough to do in the city itself. Santa Barbara is a great vacation for travelers of any age because of its relatively central location on the California Coast that allows for day trips to many different and diverse locations.

The beaches are beautiful. White sand and blue waves make for a good view from the many beachfront restaurants. A couple of beach recommendations:

  • East Beach: full of recreational activities. There is a playground for children (or adults), trails for biking, running, strolling, or rollerblading, and a picnic area. It’s also close to the Santa Barbara Zoo

  • Santa Claus Beach: a great place for paddle boarding and sunbathing.

  • Butterfly Beach: can’t miss this one. Beautiful white sand and mild waves.

Day trips from Santa Barbara

Los Angeles

If you’re looking to experience more of California, Los Angeles is a 2 hour drive. You can take the scenic and renowned Highway 1 and stop for some chowder along the way.

Santa Monica

Santa Monica is about 1 hour and 40 minutes away. This is a great day trip because you can leave early (before or after rush hour) and spend almost a full day exploring the pier and walking around downtown.

San Luis Obispo

A city of food and wine. San Luis Obispo (SLO) is an idyllic city located between San Francisco and Los Angeles. It’s about an hour and 30 minutes from SB.

Big Sur

This is the kind of place you see on postcards. The coastal scenery is stunning.

Denver, CO