According to the survey results and statistics available for public study, business travel industry is a trillion dollar industry. It means every year trillions of dollars are spent over business travel expense which is a gigantic amount without any single thought. Each company has its own travel expense and travel policy still the travel expense, sometimes contributes to decline of overall ROI (Return over Investment) for a company and it has to be controlled in one way or another.

The travel expense is assigned and spent over business people who travel for the company’s work. So it’s almost impossible to reduce or remove this budget from the company’s overall investment as this is necessity for business growth. The biggest problem in controlling the travel expense is it is spent by employees and it is less likely they do some compromise or look for cheaper options. As they don’t need to spend from their own pocket, they will ensure to take full benefit of the given privileges.  Even if companies put an upper limit on maximum spending, the employees make sure they spent at upper limit even if they can save some bucks often. This is common human nature, ‘why to bother when I am not at the loss!’

The possible solutions with the traditional approach are:

  1. Be too tight with spending or decrease the budget. However, this would create dissatisfaction among employees, which would affect their productivity.
  2. Accept the fact, they will spend anyways. However, this would affect the company’s ROI (Return over Investment)

So is there any other way to control the travel expense of the company?

The answer is: BIG YES!

Are you wondering how?

The answer is: With Weekly Hotel Business portal.

The Weekly Hotels provides unique features to B2B users which help companies to control their business travel expenses smartly. The companies can have a company account in the Weekly Hotel Business portal and take benefit of following features to control their travel expense in a smarter way:

Dashboard: to have a tight look at the bookings made for the company.

Travel Policy Implementation in the portal: for strict compliance of the travel policies.

Upfront savings on extended stay booking.

Reports: to analyze the travel expense by each employee and review the areas where savings can be done or new travel policies can be formed in favor of the company.

There is much more in this B2B portal of Weekly Hotels which will contribute to your company’s travel expense control operation in a smarter way. Explore these features on your own, by getting a risk free company account. So what are you waiting for? Sign up NOW!

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