Reached Atlanta?

So, what should you do now? Look for a hotel?

Wait, lets ditch a hotel this time for one of the weekly hotels in Atlanta!!

Whenever we visit a new town or a city, one of the most obvious choices for the stay is a hotel. As soon as we land in the new city, most of us try to look for an economical hotel that can offer an ideal set of amenities. But, what if I tell you that you get a wider set of benefits at a lower price by opting for one of the weekly or long stay hotels in Atlanta as compared to a regular hotel.

What Are The Weekly Stay Hotels?

These weekly hotels are designed in a way that you feel as comfortable as you feel in your home. For instance, unlike a hotel, a weekly or extended stay hotel is equipped with a small kitchen or in-room kitchenette, where you can cook the food easily.  In short, the weekly hotels Atlanta offer amenities of a hotel with the comfort of home. Your room will have a bed, a small desk where you can work comfortably, a dresser, a small kitchen and some bigger rooms also have a small lobby apart from the underlying amenities such as utensils, plates, pans, pots, stoves, microwave, refrigerator, WiFi, TV and much more.

The extended stay hotels in Atlanta with weekly rates are an ideal combination of a convenient location, stay-at home like comfort and great price.

Benefits of Weekly Hotels

There is an array of benefits which one can get by choosing the weekly or extended stay hotels over the regular hotels.

Save Money

The weekly stay hotels’ charge much lesser than the other regular hotels. Also, as you get the option to cook your own food, you can save money which you would otherwise spend on eating at a restaurant.


The weekly hotels Atlanta offer a better set of amenities as compared to the typical hotels, where you do not get a kitchen, a dining area and a spacious accommodation. You can choose the size of the room and other amenities depending on your needs and you would have to pay accordingly. The kitchens are fully equipped and you won’t face any hassles  while cooking in these kitchenettes.

Customer Service

The weekly hotels or extended stay motels in Atlanta offer phenomenal customer service. With the cardinal aim of keeping their guests happy and satisfied, often they don’t mind going out of their way to cater to the needs of their guests.

Live Like Home

Being away from home is difficult, but, fully equipped weekly hotelsensure that you feel like home, even if you are thousands of miles ago, with a spacious living room, a cosy bed space and a small desk along with a fully equipped kitchen, you feel as if you are living in your home itself.

So, the next time you are travelling to Atlanta, try ditching a typical hotel for the weekly hotel to avail the benefits you might never get at the former.

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