Powered by Google Search API :

WeeklyHotels.com powered by Google API not only helps you to search hotels in the city you are going to travel but also helps you to search hotels exactly at the location where you are looking for.

Map 1

say for example you want to travel near Time Square, Manhattan, NY, United states. Image below displays number of hotels along with price tag near time square. This will not only help you to have a glimpse of all hotels nearby and but take wise decision.


Search Hotel Near Bars & Restaurants :

With easy to use map feature you can always look at all nearest hotels to your destination and select hotel on basis of different price tags.

Map 2

You can check route & distances to travel from your destination to Hotel without even navigating to another page of the website.  To make it stand unique in the industry we have even integrated yelp API in the map which helps you to find nearest bars & restaurants around the hotels or select the hotel nearest to your favorite bar or restaurant.


Be Local Along with Yelp Local Data :

Once you have selected the hotel, we again help you to be a Local by displaying yelp rich data of top 20 best places to visit near your location.

Be Local

This way we not only help you to select best property in your budget but also show you how you can make your stay pleasant by providing you all those information which makes your trip an enjoyable one!

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