Business professionals need to make many trips to meet prospects, clients and even vendors. These visits often result in an extended stay in another country, state or city and business travelers often prefer weekly hotels to stay during these extended business trips for all the right reasons. One of the major benefits of weekly hotels, which attract a majority of business travelers for accommodation is money saving. The weekly rates of these extended stay hotels help in saving a considerable amount of companies on business trips and help them to keep their travel budget moderate or low which ultimately results in better Returns over Investment made on business trips.

The weekly stay hotels help in saving money with the weekly rates, but, is there a way to save more with this concept? Yes, there is. Yes, you read it right; you can further save some more money by using the “Weekly Hotels For Business” to book your extended stay hotel for your next business trip. Wondering, how? Let us answer this question:

The answer is with “Rate Change Alert” which is only available with Weekly Hotels For Business and exclusively available for its users only. The extended stay hotel changes their weekly rates for hotels and the best time to book a hotel can be the time when it has the lowest weekly rates for an accommodation. There are many Business professionals who keep on checking weekly rates of the hotel to find the best time to book which is not a savvy way; we have brought a better way. You have just booked a hotel with the current weekly rates through the Weekly Hotels Business portal. We will keep our eyes on your hotel and will update you with an email notification if the weekly rate of the extended stay hotel goes down or up. Now, if you want to take benefit of these cheap weekly rates, then you can. Simply cancel the earlier booking and make a fresh booking with this new rate and enjoy the benefits.

Trust us, this is an amazing way to save a hefty amount and book a weekly hotel with comfort and confidence. This will help you to contribute in keeping the travel budget of your company low as well as getting into the good book of your boss by being smart on saving! So what are you waiting for? Claim your free company account today!  Sign up to Weekly Hotels for Business.

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