“Travel planning is more than just searching for a flight and a hotel; it is a long process.”, said Heckmann during Phocuswright Conference when he was presenting about the habits of travelers. Heckmann is Google Travel’s vice president of product and engineering for Travel and Shopping. At the same conference, Expedia: a known name in the travel and hospitality industry revealed that the consumers make 38 visits on an average before making an actual booking. They further shared some interesting data about the travel consumer habits which shows that the journey of a traveler starts 45 days prior to the actual booking date and it goes through millions of click stream data points before making a booking for the trip. Also, they shared some interesting data collected under the research they made which shares: travelers doubled their time over internet surfing information a week prior to an actual booking date.

The travelers consume a lot of data and information by browsing different websites to ensure they get the best deals for their flight and hotel bookings. The aforementioned facts make it loud and clear that travel planning is a complex process made up of consuming and getting overwhelmed with a lot of information. Still, as a traveler, we feel the information is not enough or whether this deal is the best for me or not.

We, Weekly Hotels, have made a research on travel consumer behavior and we come across the fact is, 89% of travelers surf many different websites on different time intervals to find the best booking rates for their hotel accommodation. The consumer behavior shares they are concerned about the hotel rate change on occasional or frequent basis and they face the dilemma of making a decision that what is the best time to book a hotel so they can get the best rates.

We, Weekly Hotels, come up with the solution by introducing a never seen before feature for travelers, called, Rate Change Alert.

The Rate Change Alert will give the alert for the changed rates of a hotel room for your favorite or chosen hotels. So now, as a traveler, you don’t need to explore a bunch of different websites on a frequent basis to see the current hotel room rates so you can book the room when it is offering the best rates. Just book an extended stay hotel room with confidence and we will send the hotel room rate change alert right into your inbox. So no need to do extra homework for hotel booking, we will do all hard work to ensure, you get the rate change in your inbox.

All you need to do is, sign up for a risk free account of the Weekly Hotels Business portal and enjoy benefits of Rate change alert and many more unique features.

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