Business travelers often travel in groups for business meeting, product presentation, participation in international events, expo and exhibitions, conferences and networking get together. Each company has started taking participation in such big events where they can grab business opportunities and bring some new clients and accounts and as a common fact, this type of large events are attended by a group of executives holding different titles in the company. According to the normal travel expense policy of companies, the employee holding a specific title has an allotted travel expense budget for a trip which differs from other employees of the company holding different titles. Thus, this is a common scenario, when a group of business professionals travel together, even if they stay in a single hotel, they may get accommodated in different types of rooms according to their title.

The traditional hotel booking websites don’t allow to book different types of rooms in a single transaction. This leads to a tedious task of repeating the whole process of room booking to book different types of rooms as all the details would be the same except the room type which need to be reentered and results in waste of time of a productive resource. Also, sometimes it may create errors which again results in doing the same process again. Furthermore, it may restrict the discounts avail for group booking on a single transaction.

We, Weekly Hotels, understand how inconvenient this traditional approach is and that’s the reason we have resolved this issue by launching a feature in our B2B portal. The feature allows a company executive to book hotel rooms of different types in a single transaction. Yes, you read it right; you can book multiple room types in a single transaction. No extra steps need to be taken!

We take pride in being one of those very few hotel booking portals which allow booking multiple room types in a single transaction to add comfort and convenience right from the first step of your trip. Just for your information, this is just one out of many amazing features, we have added in our B2B weekly hotel booking portal to remove all your inconvenience and extra work for hotel booking. All we want is bring that smile on your face by serving the best experience!

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