Many IT specialists find themselves in San Francisco for meetings, conventions, and other work related events, but thankfully there are quite a few things that they can do during their downtime.  They can take advantage of the cool breeze that finds its way inland from the ocean waters while walking up and down the hills of the city.

While most IT specialists know what they will be doing when they are not working when they are in the city, they might not know what hotel they can stay in that will be both comfortable and affordable.  Thankfully, Weekly Hotels has a solution for all business travelers.  Anyone can go to and find accommodations that will include a kitchenette and in some cases daily housekeeping.  These hotels have rooms that can be rented by the week or the month and they offer the ultimate in comfort and savings.  Make your stay a home, with spacious living, flexible space and business centers that include WiFi.

For example, in San Francisco, a person can a rent a room at the Marriott’s Residence Inn near the airport for $349 per night.  They would get fabulous amenities including kitchen facilities, free wi-fi, free shuttle, breakfast, and a fireplace.  At Homewood Suites, guests can rent a room with a kitchen for $249 per night and they will receive additional amenities that includes a health club.

After a long day of meetings, but before they head back to their room, most people will want to venture out into the city for some fun and relaxation.  Since they already have a list of must-see sites in their head, they will find themselves automatically heading towards the Golden Gate Bridge for some pictures at sunset.  As soon as they see the Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary in the background, they will be trying to find a way to arrange their schedule, so that they can visit the famous prison before they leave.

As it gets closer to dinner time, a person is not going to want to search for what they are hoping is the best restaurant in town.  For that reason, it is a good thing that Weekly Hotels has a section that lists all of the best restaurants near the hotel where a person is staying.  Since these restaurants are close to the hotel, it is quite simple to enjoy a delicious meal before turning in for the night.

There are many great hotel rooms available in cities throughout the United States and Hotels Weekly makes it easy to find the ones that are not only affordable, but comfortable and full of amenities as well.