If you have heard about extended stay hotel, but never stayed in that, then the chances are high that you may have thought that this type of accommodation is for some specific type of traveler or for someone who may afford expensive accommodation. If any of this is the case, you need to read this article further to burst this bubble.

Extended Stay Hotels are for everyone

Extended stay hotels are introduced by the hospitality industry to ensure that each type of tourist and traveler can take benefit of the best hospitality service. It is not designed for any specific class or type of people. The extended stay hotel serves at its best for each type of guest who can be someone on a business trip, someone who is on solo vacation or with family or friends, construction worker, someone who is looking for a new apartment, so on and so forth. In a nutshell, it is a perfect accommodation option for anyone and everyone. The extended stay hotel serves each guest with same empathy and care.

Extended Stay Hotels are affordable to everyone

Extended stay hotel offers much more amenities and value added services than any traditional accommodation option. This creates an impression among travelers that it must be expensive. However, the fact is the weekly hotels are cheaper than any other accommodation option. Yes, you read it right. The extended stay hotel concept is built by keeping people in mind that would stay for longer time. Thus, this hotel has different tariffs for extended stay guests. According to that, these hotels charge guests on weekly fare basis instead of nightly fares. This makes it much cheaper option for long stay. Thus, it is affordable for everyone.

Extended stay hotel cares what you care

The weekly hotels do everything to make your stay comfortable and cozy. Thus, it provides all required amenities. They provide spacious accommodation, in-room kitchen, gym access, pool access, business center access, laundry, pet care, so on and so forth. Everything you care is taken care of by the extended stay hotel whether it is your recreation, health, diet, kids or pets. The weekly hotel has provision of everything to ensure you enjoy your stay.

So next time when you are looking for extended stay, make sure you try weekly hotels. If you are going to travel the USA, explore the available extended stay hotels by surfing on our website.

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