Many construction workers find themselves traveling all over their state or even the country, because they are going to where the work is available.  When these construction workers are working far away from home, they need to stay in a hotel for the duration of the job they are performing.  Hotels can be very pricey and many of them do not offer too many comforts of home.

When you search on WeeklyHotels you will also see weekly rates being offered by these WeeklyHotels along with their in room kitchenettes.

It is much better if construction workers can find hotel rooms that offer more than just a bed and a small bathroom. has a list of hotels that offer much more than the basics at very reasonable prices.  All of these hotel rooms have at least a small kitchenette in addition to the bedroom and bathroom.  The kitchenette will allow all construction workers to prepare meals and eat in their rooms, instead of needing to go out to eat for every meal.  This means that the construction workers will have much more time to relax at the end of a long day and they will be going out when they want to instead of needing to all of the time.

Another wonderful feature that has is that construction workers can find a hotel that is close to their work site.  They will no longer need to stay in a hotel that is 20-30 miles away from work.  Instead they will be able to find a hotel that is within a few minutes walking distance or driving distance from the job site.

It is quite easy for construction workers to locate a hotel near their work site, because all they need to do is type in hotels near and the place where they will be working.  For example, if a construction worker is in Albany, NY working on the renovations of the Times Union Center, they would type that information into the website and they would find 83 available hotels.  Some are closer to the site than others, but a construction worker could choose which hotel they liked the best.

A room at the Townhouse Suites Downtown Marriott is very close to the Times Union Center and it would be easy for the construction worker to walk to work every day.  A one bedroom suite complete with a kitchen would cost $119 per night.  The construction worker would have all of the comforts of home including internet access, cable television, and everything that a regular kitchen would have.

No construction worker should ever need to stay at a hotel that does not offer many conveniences, especially since Weekly Hotels makes it so easy to find hotels that offer all of the comforts of home.  They can all save money while they are working and they will not miss being home as much either.

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