Traveling nurses and other traveling healthcare professionals have a very difficult job and they often work twelve hour shifts.  Add these long shifts to the fact that they are away from their home for long periods of time and many people can understand why some of these people do not stay in the traveling medical profession for very long.

Weekly Hotels has found a wonderful solution for these traveling medical professionals that will help them transition a little better when they reach their city of employment.  A simple search on their website will allow any traveling nurse to find an extended stay hotel near the hospital or other medical building where they will be working.  Every search will result in dozens of options at very affordable prices.

Extended stay hotels offer all of the comforts of home, plus many more extras.  The spacious rooms give traveling nurses a place to relax after a long day caring for patients.  Meals are never an issue for guests at extended stay hotels, because many of them offer a continental breakfast in the morning.  During other meal times, guests can prepare food in their own kitchenette or they can choose to visit one of the restaurants that is close by to the hotel.  Weekly Hotels has an option on their site that lists every restaurant that is close by to each hotel as well as the restaurant’s information with feature #BeLocal.

Many traveling medical professionals will be happy with the option of swimming in a pool at the end of the day or using a state of the art fitness center that many of these extended stay hotels are equipped with.  The daily or weekly housekeeping is another bonus that will be appreciated with their long hours.

Most of the time, traveling medical professionals may not be sure of exactly where they can stay or if they are getting the best deal.  Weekly Hotels has a comparison feature where guests can compare multiple hotels at once and choose the one that has every amenity they want and need.  This comparison tool is one of the reasons why it is recommended that every traveling nurse book their own extended stay hotel room.  The other reason is that employers usually give every traveling medical professional a set amount of money for each week.  Most of the time the employee can find a room at a cheaper rate than their employer can and this means more money in the employees’ pocket.

A traveling nurse or any other medical professional who spends time traveling throughout the United States to many available jobs will love everything that extended stay hotels offer.  They will find all of the comforts of home as well as the flexibility and convenient location that they need while they are working long shifts that occasionally run longer than usual.

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