With its growing number of corporations and startups in many different sectors, the Bay Area has seen a sharp increase in population, especially comprising of those relocating for career opportunities. People from every corner of the country, and the world, have moved here to take advantage of rising prospects. In fact, Forbes Magazine listed San Jose, CA as one of the happiest places to work. As a hub for innovation, more and more people are coming here each year. Companies like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Apple, and Intel all attract some of the most talented. However, smaller companies are also making their mark on the expansive tech industry.

Here’s The Scoop on Relocating to the Bay

San Francisco and San Jose are notorious for their sky high rent. Everyone understands that a good portion of income will inevitably go towards housing and it’s no secret that the housing prices in the Bay Area are higher than most other US cities. According to RealFacts, an average one bedroom apartment in the heart of San Francisco costs about $2741…

San Francisco is also America’s most expensive city. Go figure.

Some would prefer to live in cheaper East Bay, though housing prices are also steadily increasing. Here are some surrounding places where things are more affordable:





These cities are all within a reasonable distance to the center of San Francisco and other parts of Silicon Valley. Due to the incessant traffic, BART is sometimes the best option.

Though the cost of living is high, the benefits of living in the land of technology, incredible food, and an exciting culture are high. Career advancement is probably the number one reason people come and stay. The process of relocation is certainly no walk in the park. From hiring movers, moving your belongings, moving your family, to settling in, the entire process is extremely difficulty. A useful and streamlined way to ease some of the pain is a weeklyhotels.com. Weekly Hotels is an online travel company that primarily focuses on helping users find long term residences.

Some Advice on Temporary Housing

An extended stay hotel with weekly and monthly rates could be the most ideal solution because of the efficiency and cost.

In most properties, there are:

  • Kitchens/kitchenettes

  • Housekeeping

  • Daily breakfast

  • Fitness facilities

  • Ample parking spaces

  • Laundry services and facilities

  • Spacious living

Weekly hotels for corporate housing purposes usually have a weekly or biweekly housekeeping option. This is great because housekeeping will assist with the small things like making the bed, running the dishwasher, and replacing the towels.

Here are some ways to easily find an extended stay hotel:

  1. Check out weeklyhotels.com and select the city. Then input the dates. This simple process lets you compare prices to find a location that is budget-friendly.

  2. Compare up to four hotels at a time.

  3. When available, there are Yelp reviews where you can read what other guests have said.

  4. You can also call the hotel if you are looking for more details. Such factors, like public transportation (Bay Area traffic will make you reevaluate your decisions) and commute time should be heavily weighed.

Weekly Hotels eliminates the stressfulness of trying to book a hotel. Essentially, it is a one stop resource that helps you acclimate to your new location. The site offers tips, information, and advice regarding nearby restaurants, sites, and things to do.

In cities and suburbs around San Francisco and San Jose, you will find many different hotels that fit a busy, maybe even chaotic lifestyle. An ideal stay would include a weekly rate, all the necessary amenities, and a location close to your job.

House hunting in the Bay is a challenge. There are so many options and places to consider. During this time, staying at a hotel means you don’t have to sign a lease. In addition, setting up utilities and cable is not an issue here. Another plus of the extended stay hotel option is the one bedroom or two bedroom options. For those who work from home sometimes, having an “office space” is important. During the relocation process, finding a home away from home while you settle into your new home is crucial.