An employee may be offered their dream job with a corporation, but the offer may seem too good be true, especially if the job is far away in another city or another state.  This is where corporate relocation comes into play though.  The company who is offering the job may offer to assist the employee with their relocation.  This usually involves helping them sell their house, packing up their belongings, and paying for temporary housing in their new city for a specific amount of time until they purchase a new home.  With all of those benefits, an employee would be foolish to turn down the job of their dreams.

Some of the corporations that may offer benefits like these include American Express, American Airlines, Verizon, Boeing, FedEx, and there are hundreds more.  While the assistance that is offered may be set up in advance, some of the assistance may only be in the amount of cash.  This is often the case when it comes to finding a temporary place to live.  Most corporations will give an employee a specific amount of money to use on housing each month.  The employee will then need to find a place within that price range or pay the extra amount out of their own pocket.

Extended stay hotels are the perfect solution for employees who are being relocated, because they offer affordable weekly rates as well as fabulous amenities.  Every room at an extended stay hotel has either a kitchenette or a regular kitchen, which makes it perfect for preparing meals for the duration of a person’s stay.  Many of these hotels also offer a continental breakfast, which makes mornings much easier for people heading into work.

Sometimes business doesn’t stop even though it is after five in the afternoon and the business centers inside extended stay hotels are the perfect place to get some additional work accomplished.  The high-speed internet means that emails, research, and documents can be completed without any trouble.  The fitness center and swimming pool will be useful after a long day at work or on days off.

Weekly Hotels makes it easy for anyone who is being relocated to find the best extended stay hotel that is close to their new office.  A person can type in their office location and the results of nearby hotels will be listed.  They can compare a number of hotels to each other and choose the one that best fits their needs.  Once they choose a hotel, they will even be able to see a list of nearby restaurants, in case they ever want to enjoy a meal out.

For example, if an airline has relocated an employee to Fort Myers, Florida, the employee will want to search for hotels near the airport there.  A quick search will reveal that there are sixty hotels in that area.  The Homewood Suites are located one mile from the airport and there is a free shuttle to the airport for guests.  For $189 per night, guests have their own kitchen, access to the pool and fitness center, high-speed internet, laundry service, business center, and a buffet breakfast.

Everyone deserves to have their dream job and corporate relocation can help turn those dreams into reality.  Extended stay hotels will ensure that the employees will feel like they are home, while they begin their search for their real home in their new city.

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