Every family loves to go on vacation, but no one likes to have to go into debt just to pay for a hotel for week or two.  Hotels can be expensive, especially ones that have a kitchenette and other amenities that make family travel more bearable.

Weekly Hotels has a solution for every family that is traveling at any time throughout the year.  This website assists people with finding hotels with larger rooms that are complete with kitchenettes.  Even though these rooms are bigger, they cost less, because they are being booked for a week or longer.

A family who wants to vacation in San Antonio, Texas would simply go to the website, type in the city and the state, and then view all of the available hotels that are listed.  A room with a kitchenette at the Country Inn Suites Lackland would cost $164 per night, which is a lot less than what a normal room would cost for one night.

Each room at the Country Inn Suites is equipped with a small kitchen plus high speed internet, cable television, office space, seating area, sofa, and daily newspaper.  Guests have access to a guest laundry space and everyone can enjoy a continental hot breakfast each morning.  Families will have all of the comforts of home while staying at an extended stay hotel for a week or longer.

Weekly Hotels also makes it easy for those days and nights when families do not want to cook.  On their website, each hotel has a list of nearby restaurants, so families can decide on where they are eating before they even leave their room.

Family vacations no longer have to be expensive, especially when families book their rooms at an extended stay hotel.  These hotels are available in every city in the United States and most of them are very close by to the major attractions in each city.  This means that families can walk to many places that they want to see, which will save them even more money during the vacation.

The goal of family vacations is to spend time together as a family without going into debt.  An extended stay hotel is one of the tricks of the trade that families will want to investigate as they are finding ways to travel inexpensively.  These hotel rooms will fit into any budget and families will find that they will save more money than they anticipated.

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