Whenever anyone hears the name of Miami, the first and probably only thing buzzes their mind is its beaches. Yes! Miami is world famous for its picturesque beaches, but with your surprise we’d like to share that Miami is beyond the beaches. There are so many other tourist attractions both, for holiday lovers and business pros, that Miami has been second most popular tourist destination in the United States just behind New York City. Also, Miami is the fourth-largest urban area in the USA for both, recreation and business. This is a least known part of Miami that it has many business centers and hubs along with the places where people look for business networking. You can plan an extended stay trip to Miami in which you can explore fun and business both at the same time. In this article, we will share a few ideas you may use to explore the business opportunities or network with business community in town.

In Miami Downtown, you can visit the historic Central Business District to the standout neighborhood of Brickel. This area of Miami is also famous as the Manhattan of the South. A business pro can network with the like-minded business professional in this area. We suggest accommodating yourself in an extended stay hotel in Miami Downtown. You can have a complimentary breakfast in the morning to head your day around the city and business parks to strengthen your business network and at the day’s end relax yourself in a cozy living offered by the extended stay hotel. This would save both, energy and shuttle cost. Once you discover all available opportunities in the downtown, you can also explore other parts of the city: West, North and South. Each of them is studded with their own iconic and multicultural enclaves like Little Havana, Coconut Grove with its many parks, and Midtown.

If you find banging on door of Business Parks odd, you can consider going to golf courses, especially, the famous one. Many business tycoons and other c-level managers try their hands to break ice over 18 holes. The Melreese Country Club golf course is one of the most famous golf courses you must have in your list.

Once you make some business connection, make sure to invite them on a brunch to impress them with your hospitality and have a business talk in a quitter place. A few most famous places are: GreenStreet Cafe, Coconut Grove and Design District’s Crumb.

The business professional can have a perfect extended stay in Miami while exploring business opportunities in the day time and then have relaxation in the evening. Don’t forget to take benefit of accommodation in extended stay hotels. Explore to find best extended stay hotels in Miami for your next trip.

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