Extended stay is not new term still many people often face a dilemma whether to stay in an extended stay hotel or not! To help you find the answer we have crafted this Blog for you.

The first thing you need to think about is how many days will you be staying in the hotel or temporary housing? If the answer is a week, or a few weeks or months, then you must accommodate yourself in a weekly hotel. The weekly hotel which is alternatively known as extended stay hotel is the best choice for travelers who are traveling abroad for work or vacations and need to stay for a week or more over there. Let’s check the top 3 reasons to stay in weekly hotel for your next extended stay.

  1. Comfortable stay in the weekly hotel suite

As you will be having an extended stay, accommodating yourself in a small hotel room may make you feel uncomfortable or claustrophobic. Here, the extended stay hotel can give you the home like feeling and make your stay pleasant. How? Generally, the weekly hotel offers a main room, bedroom and a kitchen for extended stay guests. This suite is furnished with all required amenities such as fridge, kitchen utensils, television, workstation, high speed Wi-Fi connection and more. This will make your stay comfortable.

  1. Everything available at your service

An extended stay option of a weekly hotel comes with a range of amenities and value added services. For an example, hotel offers complimentary breakfast which you can grab before you leave for your work or tourist adventures. Also, the hotel gives access to business center, high speed internet, meeting room, etc. for the business traveler. If you are tired after a long day, you may access pool, spa and other recreational places to relax yourself. All this is complimentary and no additional charges need to be paid. Isn’t it a good deal?

  1. Tariffs are affordable to all

After learning about the spacious living and amenities offered by a weekly hotel, you must be wondering that this type of accommodation is expensive. However, the fact is absolutely different. You don’t need to pay additional for anything and moreover, the weekly hotel rates are lower than the traditional hotel accommodation in which you would end up paying more.  The reason is the weekly hotel charge a customer on weekly tariffs which generally has huge discounts and often available with amazing deals. This makes it cheaper than paying for per night accommodation.

So next time whenever you plan your next trip and if it is going to be an extended stay, then make sure you try weekly hotels. We are weekly hotel search, comparison and booking site. Feel free to navigate to find your ideal extended stay hotel!

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