My friend, a travelling nurse, ran into some significant issues while on a short term contract with a children’s hospital. She thought she had leased a temporary condo in Denver. Unfortunately, when she arrived, she quickly realized that the deal was a scam. The leasing manager never showed up with the keys; he also kept the safety deposit and the first month’s rent. Sadly, with travelling professionals, this narrative has been heard before. Temporary relocation is never easy, but it should not have to be stressful and infuriating. Those who travel and work in the healthcare field should be able to settle into their new location with ease.

Healthcare is an industry that has expanded in the last few years; the demand for healthcare professionals has grown. While the travelling option has many great benefits, housing can be an issue. In addition to moving, contracts often vary in duration. This uncertainty undoubtedly makes finding temporary housing difficult. Weekly Hotels has a few tips for healthcare industry professionals looking for comfort and convenience.

Perhaps an option that hasn’t been considered is an extended stay hotel. These hotels offer an ideal place for a travelling doctor, nurse, medical technician, or anyone working in the healthcare field. Because wages tend to be higher and overtime pay is generous, this opportunity shouldn’t be marred by a housing nightmare.

While travelling for professional reasons seems like a precarious task, the benefits of having to work in a new city and location are plentiful. If you’re looking for a place to reside while on a short-term contract, you shouldn’t be stressed and anxious regarding housing. If you’re thinking about taking a new position elsewhere, here are a few tips and advice about weekly and extended stay hotels. 

Hotels Have Standards

Unlike leasing an apartment or condo, a hotel is bound by a policy and a set of guidelines that it needs to uphold. From cleanliness to guest comfort, a hotel is a business that caters to your needs. In addition, there is fierce competition in the hospitality industry, which leaves you with options of where, what, and how much. The life of a travelling healthcare professional is exhausting. Not having to worry about dishonest landlords and subpar living conditions is crucial.

Extended Stay Prices

Many hotels that target travelling professionals have weekly rates. Most major brands have a “longer you stay, less you pay” model. On average, a long-term stay hotel ranges from $40-$90/per day if you stay over a week. Whatever city you are in, there are numerous locations that you can compare prices. If you’re moving to a big city, chances are, there will be a hotel close to your work.

Contrary to apartments, hotels are more flexible with how long you stay. While apartments are strict with leases, hotels don’t have such rigidity. If for some reason your contract ends early, or you decide to move, there are no fines or fees for ending a hotel stay.

Comfort and Convenience

The big names in the hotel sector often have specialized brands that are especially designed for long-term guests. Such properties tend to have amenities and features that resemble a home setting. Having a kitchenette or full kitchen is an essential. Not only are kitchen appliances on hand and readily available, many hotels have borrowing services where guests can borrow items like blenders and Panini makers.

Because hotels offer housekeeping services, balancing work and life is a bit easier. However, if you’re someone who prefers more privacy, hotels can accommodate your preferences. Weekly housekeeping is an option in many extended stay residences.

Another large perk is the pet-friendly policies of many extended residence hotels. Though there is an additional fee, having a four-legged companion can improve your time away from home.

Because a job in healthcare could mean night shifts, long hours, and changing schedules, having readily available food is important. The majority of hotels have complimentary breakfast and snacks. In addition, fitness facilities are on site, which eliminate the need for a gym membership elsewhere. The extended stay hotel industry is evolving and many locations have addressed guest needs of maintaining a certain lifestyle.

Many travelling professionals agree that maintaining some order and normality is what makes the transition easier.

Laundry facilities are either free or low cost. In addition, hotels more often than not have laundry services.

If you’re a travelling healthcare professional, is a great resource for you. You can find what you need easily and compare different factors. Wherever your new job is located, finding the best solution for housing isn’t hard.

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