America has many tourist attractions as well as business opportunities which attract different people to the USA every year. For any trip, one of the biggest concerns for most of the tourists is lodging and accommodation. As each state of the USA is big enough that demands an extended stay to explore all famous tourist attractions or business opportunities, it is often become reason to worry that the trip will be expensive, very expensive for travelers. There is a way to save significant amount of money on your extended stay in America without compromising quality of living. Wondering how? Well, you can lodge yourself in any cheap extended stay hotel in the USA.

If you are unaware with the concept of extended stay hotels, let us educate you with this amazing accommodation option. The extended stay hotel offers cheap weekly hotel rates to its guests along with spacious rooms which are fully furnished. This is not it! It further provides a range of amenities to its guests which are part of the weekly stay rates charged by the hotels. This is a great accommodation option for people going for an extended stay in any city of America as each city has many extended stay hotels, which offer cheap weekly hotel rates, which can be a perfect money saving yet comfortable lodging option for the tourists.

Now comes another important question, how to find cheap weekly hotel rates in the USA? The Weekly Hotels USA is avail to help you in this tough looking task. The Weekly Hotels USA is a portal which allows you to find and compare a range of extended stay hotels in the USA. You may apply different filters to choose the best hotel which provides all required amenities such as in-room kitchen, pet friendly hotels, business center access, gym access, so on and so forth. The Weekly Hotels USA brings more than 40,000 extended stay hotel options for you and you can select the motel which suits you the best and is within your budget.

Want to see how it works, just visit; type name of the city in the search-box and apply filters to refine the search result; select your preferred extended stay hotel and book it through the platform itself to enjoy discounts offered by affiliated partner of the portal.

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